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All Beats Produced By J Dilla 2LP

All Beats Produced By J Dilla 2LP


We came together with Delicious Vinyl to release a special edition version of Yancey Boys "Sunset Blvd" instrumentals but packaged in brand-new artwork. Edition of 300.

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Track List
Dilltro (Instrumental)
Fisherman (Instrumental)
Lovin' U (Instrumental)
Go And Ask The DJ (Instrumental)
Jeep Volume (Instrumental)
Flowers (Instrumental)
Honk Ya Horn (Instrumental)
Slippin' (Instrumental)
Without Wings (Instrumental)
Beautiful (Instrumental)
Quicksand (Instrumental)
Rock My World (Instrumental)
The Throwaway (Instrumental)
This Evening (Instrumental)

14 songs. 50 minutes.
KU2LP 129. 2LP. 33 RPM.
Designed by Oliver Stafford.
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